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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is 'War Against Terror' in Kerala Following the Bush Doctrine?

Posted by Venu K.M
The extremely barbaric and dastardly attack on Mr Joseph, a lecturer in Newman College, Thodupuzha by certain hardcore criminals (who seem to be motivated by religious fanaticism) has resulted in a Kerala version of 'War on Terror' matching the infamous Bush doctrine of either..or..

The Malayalam newspapers and channels are now busy with spreading police versions of involvement of individuals and many organizations in terrorism related activities. They seem to have given damn care for the operation of law while dealing with persons and organizations put under suspicion.

While panic about the so called 'Talibanization' is willfully created on the one side, there is no indication of details being disclosed to the public about what actually was the content of the controversial question that was allegedly authored by Mr Joseph.

The question,actually figured Mohamed in a conversation with his ill mouthed God:-

Mohamed: Oh God, Oh God

God: What's the matter ,you dog?

Mohamed: Into howmany pieces can I cut a mackerel?

God: Haven't I told you many a time, you dog, that you can slice it into three ?

The above text, authored in Malayalam  was asked to punctuate by the examiner; that was all about the beginning of the controversy.

Following this, the lecturer was promptly suspended and disciplinary proceedings were initiated by the govt against him.

Later it was turned out that  the text was actually a modified version of part of a film script by P T Kunjumuhammed.

In the original, the person in conversation with the God was a mad man and his name was Nazir. But in the controversial question, name of this character had been changed to be Mohamed. It is not clear whether the response from the 'God'to the insane man was also not modified by the examiner of BA Malayalam.
Why many of our secularists and leftists can no more tolerate the Islamic faith & practice , even as they recommend more tolerance toward other faiths like Christianity and Hinduism?

Why do the police and mass media behave with such impunity and in largely insensitive and unlawful manner toward persons and organizations with profiles attached to Islam?

Why this invention of automatic linkage to terrorism just by referring to the communal profiles of people and organizations?

Why the law often fails to incorporate the experience of investigations of Ajmeer, Mecca Masjid, Malegav blasts and the Samjoutha Express train blasts, where the ISI links of several RSS functionaries were unearthed?

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