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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Latest Hate Coinage: Love Jihad- Aren't These Girls Brainy Enough to Make Choices?

Posted by
Venu K.M

What is so much there to probe about love affairs between people of different faiths?
What is there to probe into cases of conversion from on faith to other so long as proselytizing is perfectly recognized as constitutional and legal in secular India?
You convince me by reason (or even by giving me soaps) that Islam or Christianity is a better faith than Hinduism; I start thinking that Hinduism is really not good for ME and take a decision to covert as a Muslim or a Christian.
How can then one assume that all this happen only because of inflow of mysterious foreign funds plus destabilizing motivations linked with it?
Why the mysterious inflow of foreign funds, rather,is not checked by routine regulatory measures than by resorting to ways producing hypes and instilling fears in the minds of people about forcible conversion?
True that parents of at least two Hindu girls allegedly lured by the activists of so called 'Love Jihadis' did come up with Habius Corpus writs following the disappearance of these girls from their houses.
It may also be true that the girls ultimately decide to go back to their parents on the basis of own choice, in a court of law.

But why should this be a reason for widespread fear about girls of mature age being trapped into 'Love Jihad'? What is the connection between love, choice of life partner on the one side, and the interventions by the parents of girls,the police and the court on the other in making out such inter religion love marriages involving conversions as a huge security threat for the entire nation?

Would it not have made more sense for the media to take up such stories beyond the 'user friendly' but boundlessly ridiculous new coinage in the lexicon of hate politics like "Love Jihad"?
The latest response to the so called Love Jihad by the VHP and the obscure Durgavahini is also being enthusiastically propagated by a section of the Malayalam press; the eveninger Flash News(of M/s Kerala Kaumudi)on 10th October carried a two page featured item about how Durgavahini, the womens wing of the VHP is planning to appear in a big way by campaigning in favour of imposing more parental controls on educated Hindu girls. Going by such reports, moral policing perhaps even more ugly than the one resorted by Sri Ram Sene in Karnataka is to set to take off in Kerala under the direct patronage of VHP employing its women cadres.(Fortunately, not many of them are here around for the time being, though the Flash News & Co apparently want to get them more popularity and legitimacy.)
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Date: Sun, Oct 11, 2009 at 10:19 AM
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Kerala HC wants probe into 'love jihad'


Kerala has a new concern: "love jihad". The state High Court on Wednesday directed the Kerala Police and Union Home Ministry to probe the alleged movement, under which young Muslim boys reportedly target college girls for conversion by feigning love.

The court also asked the state and Centre to look into the sources that "fund" the love jihad, the number of girls who have got "trapped in the racket" in the past three years and its extremist links, if any.

Justice K T Sankaran was hearing anticipatory bail applications of two Muslim youths, accused of "luring" two MBA students into marriage for reportedly the purpose of religious conversion. The court rejected their bail pleas.

The two youths were allegedly associated with Campus Front, a student outfit of the right-wing Muslim organisation Popular Front of India (PFI).

Earlier this month, the parents of the two girls had filed a habeus corpus in the high court after their daughters were found missing. On being produced in court, the girls deposed that they were "trapped" by the youths and forced to convet to Islam. Allowing them to go with their parents, the court had asked the police to probe the charges of forced conversion after trapping girls in love affairs. The students, originally residents of Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, had been studying in a college in Pathanamthitta. According to them, one of them fell in love with a senior and eloped to marry him. This senior allegedly "handed over" the other girl to his friend. The girls told the court that they were taken to a centre in Malappuram where they were given literature and shown visuals promoting religious extremism.

Police officials admit that there are cases of girls having been converted forcibly or "trapped" into adopting Islam. "The groups focused on girls from well-settled families, a majority of them Hindus," sources said.

Senior PFI leader Naseerudheen Elamaram refuting charges against his organisation said, "Religious conversion is not a crime; conversion takes place to Hinduism and Christianity also... One cannot paint all love affairs as cases of forced conversions meant for extremist activity."


Conversion: court seeks details

DGP told to file a statement

Two persons file petitions for anticipatory bail

High Court also seeks statement from Centre


Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Wednesday directed the Director General of Police to furnish the court details regarding the number of cases in which women of other religion were forcibly converted to Islam.

Justice K. T. Sankaran, while considering anticipatory bail petitions, directed the DGP to file a statement within three weeks on the following aspects as well: is there a movement called `Romeo Jihad' or `Love Jihad' working in the State; if so, what are their plans and projects; which organisations are involved in such activities; where does the money come for all these activities; how many school and college students and youngsters were thus converted into Islam in the last three years; does the alleged project have an all-India basis and magnitude; has it got financial support from abroad; is there any connection between the `Love Jihad' movement and counterfeiting, smuggling, drug trafficking and terrorist activities?

The anticipatory bail petition was filed by Shahan Sha and Sirajudeen who have been charged with abduction and forcibly converting two MBA students to Islam. According to the police, the petitioners feigning love had abducted the girls and put pressure on them to convert to Islam. They were taken to a person who was stated to be an organiser of the women's wing of the Popular Front of India. The girls were later produced before the High Court after their parents filed a habeas corpus petition. The court allowed them to go with their parents as per their request.

The court, which went through the case diary, said there were indications that several similar instances took place in the State.

It was stated that there was a movement called Romeo Jihad or Love Jihad, conceived by a section of the Muslims, by which Muslim boys were directed to pretend love to girls of other religion and get them converted to Islam.

The court pointed out that every citizen was entitled to "freedom of conscience and the right to freely to profess, practice and propagate religion as enshrined in Article 25 of the Constitution. This right did not extend to the right to compel a person professing a religion to convert to another religion."

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