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Saturday, October 20, 2007

What Difference Is There Between The Rightists And Centrists?

India Today has called Narendra Modi the best CM of Gujarath;
Rajeev Gandhi Foundation has said that Gujarath is the best administered State.
(Karan Thappar points out to Modi in this interview)
Who else have given good governance certificate to Modi and Gujarath is beyond any body's guess , and few of us will be shocked to hear such reports that indicate that under this neo-liberal (let's forget the literal connotations of what we understood by someone being 'liberal' ) economic regime there is only a threadbare difference between the rights and the classical centrists.The real consequences of neo-liberalist globalization are going to be half anarchical and the ruling sections will be savagely violent against the marginalised.
The kind of support this burgeoning Hindu middle class is willing to give to the ilks of Narendra Modi is well above any considerations of party affiliations. Actually, one party after the other is running to appease these sections to the detriment of majority of population who are perpetually kept under various forms of systematic Statist terror.

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