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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Bogus Campaign Against "Love Jihad" Quitely Seeks Minds for Poisoning, but Still Largely Unchallenged

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Venu K.M


OR ,


Protectionist attitude toward women in Kerala is now seeing the
limits of absurdity.

What is so much there to probe about love affairs between people of
different faiths?
What is there to probe into cases of conversion from on faith to other
so long as proselytizing is perfectly recognized as constitutional and
legal in secular India?
You convince me by reason (or even by giving me soaps) that Islam or
Christianity is a better faith than Hiduism; I start thinking that
Hinduism is really not good for ME and take a decision to covert as a
Muslim or a Christian.
How can then one assume that all this happen only because of inflow of
mysterious foreign funds plus destabilizing motivations linked with
Why the mysterious inflow of foreign funds, rather,is not checked by
routine regulatory measures than by resorting to ways producing hypes
and instilling fears in the minds of people about forcible conversion?
True that parents of at least two Hindu girls allegedly lured by the
activists of so called 'Love Jihadis' did come up with habeous corpus
writs following the disappearance of these girls from their houses.
It may also be true that the girls ultimately decide to go back to
their parents on the basis of own choice, in a court of law.

But why should this be a reason for widespread fear about girls of
mature age being trapped into 'Love Jihad'? What is the connection
between love, choice of life partner on the one side, and the
interventions by the parents of girls,the police and the court on the
other in making out such inter religion love marriages involving
conversions as a huge security threat for the entire nation?

Would it not have made more sense for the media to take up such
stories beyond the 'user friendly' but boundlessly ridiculous new
coinage in the lexicon of hate politics like "Love Jihad"?
The hate response to the so called Love Jihad by the VHP and the obscurantist Durgavahini is also being enthusiastically propagated by a section of the catholic church, SNDP Gen Secretary and a section of the Malayalam press. Campaigning in favour of imposing more parental controls on educated Hindu girls of mature age, etc are proposed as solutions to the phantom of Love Jihad . Going by reports, moral policing perhaps even uglier than the one resorted by Sri Ram Sene in Karnataka is
to set to take off in Kerala under the patronage of VHP, Christian Churches, SNDP and similar institutions.Fortunately, it seems less probable that women will be attracted to these hate campaigns to the point of erasing whatever little assertions they try to make on citizenships

Please read two more documents here on the topic :-

1. For the past two weeks, the entire JNU community has seen an intense mobilisation against the latest MHRD circular of Sep 12. At a time when students are fighting for their fundamental right to a quality and affordable education, the ABVP has yet again shown its true colours by not just completely ignoring the ongoing student movement, but actively using its energies to build a viciously communal campaign. The ABVP’s highly offensive pamphlet yesterday was typical of its politics and ideology - revealing clearly that the sole agenda of the ABVP on campus and in society is to spread communal hatred and curb the freedom of women in keeping with its fascist norms.
The pamphlet tries to whip up a communal frenzy by revealing “evidence” of a massive well-organised racket - a “Love Jihad” - whose purpose is to brainwash gullible Hindu girls into loving and marrying fundamentalist Muslim men and subsequently becoming “Islamic terrorists” waging war against the Indian state. This entire communal campaign draws its “evidence” from observations of the Kerala High Court in two cases related to “abduction” of Hindu girls. The fantastic revelations of a massive conspiracy to abduct Hindu girls and get them married off to “jihadis” (according to the ABVP, 4000 girls have been entrapped till date) are based on the sole evidence of a single witness - a girl who was forced by the Kerala High Court to leave her husband and stay with her parents. The girl apparently revealed the modus operandi of the Love Jihad after a week’s stay at her parents’ home. We have not forgotten that in innumerable cases of inter caste/inter religious marriages, where the girl has voluntarily married, her parents have falsely accused her of being an “abducted”, “brainwashed” minor, and have pressurized her into denying the relationship. In the Nitish Katara case and Rizwanur Rehman case for instance, the girls (Bharati Yadav and Priyanka Todi) eventually refused to complain against their fathers and brothers, even after overwhelming evidence that cold-blooded murders had been committed. In several cases, girls are even pressurized into accusing the boy of abducting or seducing them under force. In this specific case, the case has not even been heard in the Kerala High Court. There is not a shred of evidence of any “Love Jihad”; it has not been established in a court of law if the girls’ accusations are in fact true or are obtained under coercion from their families. Far from being established, no investigation has even taken place. Yet the court is passing sweeping orders and encouraging communal myths. Such a travesty of justice is a shameful assault on the democratic and secular fabric of the entire state machinery.
In such a situation it is imperative that the Home Ministry take a strong position, and refute the Kerala HC orders and challenge it in the Supreme Court.
The Kerala High Court’s orders in this case are highly irresponsible, to say the very least. Let us not forget that the HC’s orders come close on the heels of another order passed by the Congress-led Maharashtra government that essentially sees any marriage between Hindu women and Muslim men as an offence. The Maharashtra Minister of State for Home has ordered a CID investigation into such marriages on a demand made by two BJP MLAs who smelt a “conspiracy to increase the Muslim population’’ in the growing incidence of such marriages in the state’s rural areas. Such “enquiries” into every Hindu-Muslim marriage – be it by Kerala HC or Maharashtra Home Ministry – will be violative of Constitutional right to privacy and choice in matters of marriage, enshrined in Article 21 of the Constitution.
Without the backing of even basic evidence, the Kerala High Court is feeding the communal common sense prevalent in society - thus providing the ideal justification for the likes of the Sri Ram Sene and Babu Bajrangi types to pose as ‘nationalists’ fighting ‘jihadis’! Already, Babu Bajrangi and Sadhvi Pragya project the abduction (‘rescue’) of Hindu girls who have married outside community by choice, as a ‘nationalist’ act. Why is it that there is no Court order, no action from the Home Ministry to ban Khaap panchayats and the Sri Ram Sene? How come no enquiry is ordered into every suspicious case of honour killing?
Brahminical patriarchy has for long regarded women of upper castes as ‘gateways’ or points of breach into the caste system – requiring careful surveillance to preserve caste ‘purity’ – and this obsessive concern with policing female sexuality has become a stubborn feature across caste groups. There is widespread consent within civil society to regard choice, particularly when articulated by a woman as disruptive of the whole social order. It is the existence of such consent for obsessive control of women’s sexual choice, such widespread fear of a ‘terrible tear’ inflicted by women’s free choice, that sustains and ‘naturalises’ Bajrangi’s mass abduction spree as a patriotic act. This anxiety unfortunately extends even beyond the Hindu community – all communities share it. For instance, the even some Christian groups in Kerala have unfortunately reacted to the communal bogey of a “Love Jihad” by joining forces with VHP and warning Christian families to police their ‘wards’ more closely.
This agenda of spreading a campaign of a “Love Jihad” is inherently anti-woman and communal. Note that the “enquiries” ordered by the Kerala High Court do not cover cases of Hindu men marrying Muslim girls! The whole agenda is about demonising Muslim men AND about controlling the sexuality of Hindu women. The laughable notion of ‘Love Jihad’ is a deliberate ploy to further the age-old Sangh agenda of attack on women’s freedom of choice in marriage, right to convert, and demonizing of Muslim men as ‘lustful’. The likes of Babu Bajrangi and Pramod Muthalik openly advocate attacks on women who wear jeans, choose their partners, visit pubs and dare to challenge patriarchal strictures. During the previous Vidhan Sabha elections in UP, the BJP had distributed shamefully communal CDs that were carefully engineered to create the bogey of the ever-deceitful, violent, anti-woman Muslim youth whose main agenda is to coerce, deceive and rape gullible Hindu women.
It is high time that we tell the ABVP: we have seen through your ‘jihad’ bogey. “Love Jihad” is merely the new brand name of your old agenda of ban on jeans and Sri-Ram-Sene-type assaults on young women’s lifestyles and freedom to form friendships and love. It is high time women not just in JNU but all over the country tell the ABVP: we will love and marry according to our choice. We defy your diktats – just as we defy the khaap panchayats who tell us we are whores for marrying according to our choices. We will resist any attempt be it by Court or any government to police our freedom, or to bring our loves and marriages, irrespective of community, under any scanner. We demand a law against coercion in marriage, a law that will
 declare it illegal for any group or individual, be they khaap panchayats or Sangh outfits or parents like D P Yadav or Ashok Todi to coerce adults in matters of marriage;
 spells out punishments for diktats and death sentences issued by khaap panchayats, and also for justifications of such ‘executions’;
 that spells out punishments for concerned police and administration authorities who fail to protect couples and take preventive action against those who issue death sentences
 that orders a magisterial enquiry to be ordered in every case of suspected honour killing
 that spells out punishments for parents who falsely accuse women of being ‘minors’
 spell out punishments for those who impose ‘dress codes’ on women or indulge in any kind of threats or violence on women in the name of ‘culture’ or ‘honour’
Forces like the ABVP and the YFE have made it a habit to bring out such communal and casteist pamphlets at regular intervals, particularly when the student community is engaged in a struggle for its basic rights. AISA warns the ABVP and the YFE that such attempts to vitiate the atmosphere of the campus through such obnoxious pamphleteering will be robustly resisted tooth and nail by the democratic sections of the JNU community.

2."We have witnessed such inhuman acts in the form of propaganda in
Gujarat in the wake of carnage, that Muslim boys are luring Adivasi
girls. There Babu Bajarangi, who was also a major participant in
carnage, formed a goon-gang. This gang attacked couples and forced
them to separate if they belonged to different religions. All this is
presented as defense of religion! We have the case of Rijwan Ur Rehman
where Priyanka Todi, daughter of an affluent and powerful business
magnate also turned around under emotional blackmail from parents and
relatives. Later Rijwan Ur Rehman was forced to commit suicide. In all
such cases the role of police, state machinery, has been totally
against the spirit and provisions of law, the protectors of law acting
to support the things totally against the law."
(article by Ram Puniyani):-

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