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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marxism and Identity Politics- a Video Speech by Sharon Smith

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Venu K.M
Dear Friends,
Please have a listening of this video (37 minutes) which discusses certain serious faultlines in Identity Politics(part of supposedly 'post-Marxist', postmodern line of thinking, which many an academic and intellectual in India and the Third World holds as gospel truth)as premised by the fierce contest between an Afro American male and a White woman for the Presidential candidature representing the Democratic Party in the last US Presidential elections 2008;
this debate seems to be much relevant for us in evaluating the merits of dalit politics sans genuinely left concerns about the society.
Ms Sharon Smith points out that despite both Obama and Hilary being owners of fabulous capital, the election campaign as a whole, was seeking ways to thrust Identity Politics to the voters and thereby keep hidden the worst aspects of global capitalism and its telling impact on the present and on the future of all people, world over.


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