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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Posted by
Venu K.M

Friends, I got invitations purportedly from a films forum fridaythadka (my spelling doubtful). It is suspected sent from concocted ids in the name of friend/poeople who may be already in your contacts. Sensing some thing bad in inviting others to join even before myself seeing the home page in full ,I had to delete my contacts displayed with tick marks there.(the option to deselect the ids of the invitees were hidden, in an automated set up);I had to spend as much as 15 minutes to delete the tick marks one by one,prevent the messages from going to all my contacts.

Please beware of this fraud. Please send no id or pass word of yours, or others' ids through the automatic invitations message mode there.

If you happen to be trapped, immediately change your pass words already submitted to these thugs.



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