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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The magnitudes, territorial extents and patterns of State sponsored violence in Gujrat2002 and Nandigram2007 may still be incomparable though, the similarities between them certainly are not to be missed:
1. The leaders openly have gone on record assuring impunity to the gangs. This became instrumental in raping, looting and killing and terrorizing people .
2 In their acts of unspeakable cruelties and gory crimes committed by these so-called cadres, they are fully exonerated by their patrons.
3.Despite the horrendous crimes committed in Gujarat and the meticulous proof of many leaders right from Modi having directly involved, Secular Institutions like Rajeev Gandhi Foundation, India Today Magazine and the leading business organizations have the least feeling of guilt in having seen Narendra Modi as the best Chief Minister capable of bringing "Development".
Similarly, leaders of CPM in Nandigram are openly advocating curbing of people's resistance in Nandigram against dispossessing of them from livelihood by forcibly setting up of a SEZ involving 19000 Ha of fertile land; this is also being done in the name of Development.
This means that Development, for these political classes is one without caring for the less privileged or even something that involves dispensing with sections of poor, minorities, dalits, etc with no more Constitutional obligation to respect human rights.
4.In both situations, intervention of concerned sections from elsewhere was attempted to be crushed by force.

Why is it that in Gujarat it is fascism, and in W.Bengal, it's called Marxism?

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