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Monday, January 1, 2007

Believe It or Not

For a real Hindu, there is no particular concern for how or what others think of his idiosyncracies and superstitions. A Hindu Believes what he wants to believe : someone like V.T.Rajasekhar of Dalit Voice said this some time ago, seeing the unabashed face of arrogance and ritualistic contempt for the fellow people who are supposedly of lower births. Ambedkar was the first to articulate this and other features of Brahmanical Hinduism after drawing from the lived experiences of dalits for centuries and also several years of painstaking study and research by himself.
Kerala is the only state in India where the right wing Hindu party( ie;the BJP), is almost not likely to win even one assembly seat in the near future. Neverthless, it looks strange enough that Hinduthwa modes' presence in social life as well as in politics is much visible here. You may not believe that there are several small towns and localities in Kerala where even conducting public meetings are not allowed by the RSS goons. At the same time, the 'left'(LDF) rule and its omnipotent police and non-police cadres not withstanding the Bajrangis and the RSS can feel free to invite Naredramodi, Praveen Thogadia or whoever, to replenish their stock of hatred stored up to descend on the everyday lives of poeople of the multi religious society. Police are sure to stand guard to any number of displays like route-marching by the RSS bearing dandas, or speeches of hatred or even outright vandalisms involving terrorising people of minorities. Thanks to the disproportionate coverage by the print as well as electronic media, any event ostensibly conducted in the name of unifying Hindus against the imagined threats for the integrity of nation passes off as one with genuine and benign objectives. In other words, communal disturbances are seen purely unconnected to such machinations by the Hinduthwa outfits and their benefactors in the state administrative set up.
Fortunately, the electorate of Kerala keeping allegience to either of the two political fronts(UDF and LDF) unfailingly let the BJP-associated or supported candidates eat dust in every election. The prospects of BJP to open account is one of the most favoured topics of the Mallu news in every election. In spite of that, people even by cross-voting have thwarted the dreams of the leaders of the UDF to secure certain seats for themselves by making some underhand deals with the BJP conceding their vote banks to the latter.
Going back to the 'Hindu mind', a lot of elements are yet to be unearthed/articulated in this regard. It is the Hindu mind by default everywhere, and the constitutional fundamentals and the rule of law simply cannot co-exist with it. The Kerala situation where the BJP politically continues to be weak and at the same time it ideologically continues to enjoy patronage and support from everywhere cutting across the party divides needs to be examined with all its nuances. The pervasive structures of patriarchy and gender relations combined with the global propaganda agaist Islam could be explanation for the direct or indirect state patronage for the RSS shows.
That the machinations directed to appeal to the Hindu mind is fairly seen through and gotten overcome by the common people is evident enough. Many of the potentially explosive disturbances created by the bigotist elements of Hindu and Muslim leadership have been weathered thanks to the ability of the people to see through such games. This is also demonstrated at such critical moments also, where the BJP apparently comes close to winning one or two assembly seats and finally gets damned, despite the manipulations of greedy leaderships mentioned earlier.

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