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Thursday, August 4, 2011

'corruption and corporate loot'

Posted by Venu K.M
Hundreds of thousands of students and youth from all over the country, arrayed under progressive youth and students organizations and the All India Left Co-ordination (AILC) gather at Jantar Mandar, New Delhi on August 9th ,to form a 100 hour barricade. A country wide campaign by youth  and students under the banner of Students And Youth Against Corruption has been done, fulfilling a mission to address lakhs of Indians in every walk of life.
AILC is a broader platform of left and progressive forces  formed a year ago to  strengthen unity of people in this country in struggles against corporate land grab, state repression, price rise, suppression of democratic freedoms and workers' rights ,mega corruption,and so on. . CPI(ML) Liberation, Lal Nisan (Maharashtra) , CPM Punjab, Left Co-ordination Committee (Idathupaksha Ekopana Samiti ,Kerala) are the constituents of AILC. The AILC  look forward to a wider unity of left and progressive forces premised on democratic struggles and revolutionary resistance.

All India Students Association (AISA) and Revolutionary Youth Association (RYA) spearheaded the several months long campaign.  Success of this campaign is vouched not just by the huge interest shown by people all over,but also by the fact that a face book forum "Students-Youth Against Corruption" which has been floated to communicate and build goodwill and support to this movement reached its membership to over 13000 in just a few weeks.

Appeal From Students and Youth Against Corruption 

AN APPEAL: Let the deaf UPA wake up to deafening slogans against 'corruption and corporate loot' on 9th August

Dear Friends,
With about 20 days remaining for 9th August, its time to pull our efforts and energy to a new high. There must have been several occasions when each one of us would have complained about the state our country is in! Each one of us who is a member of this group (by choice or added by a friend) would have at least once expressed our anger on the skyrocketing number of corruption cases getting exposed every other day. In past one year alone we saw thousands of crores of rupees being siphoned off in name of Commonwealth Games in a country where crores go to bed at night with an empty stomach. We saw how the dirty nexus between the corporate houses-mining mafia-politicians operated to loot the country's natural resources and leave the 'aam aadmi' forever destined to remain 'aam'. We witnessed the shocking revelations regarding- Allotment of 2G spectrum, mining loot in Karnataka and Andhra, relaxations after relaxations to Ambanis and Tatas, American and corporate influence in appointment of ministers, even as the masses continued to buckle under the pressure of insane levels of inflation, unemployment and poverty!! But all this while our display of anger and hurt was confined to the comfortable zones of our homes, classrooms or canteens!! We have seen how the present day government has brutally oppressed the dissenting voices in Odisha, Chhattisgarh, North East... (the list is long) and so far most of us have only silently disapproved the same. However, today we have a historic responsibility to stand up and get ourselves heard! The student-youth of this country have a played a historic role in the freedom struggle, in the dark days of emergency and today another undeclared emergency stands before us. All of us who are members of this page despite our varying backgrounds have had the privilege of education, access to technology and also access to different forum of self-expression. We are aware that if the student and youth across the country unite and speak up, the ruling establishment has no choice but to take notice... It is time we leave no choice to the ruling establishment and have them listen to us. 

Friends, we appeal to all of you to join the Student-Youth barricade at Jantar Mantar on 9th August and ensure that this deaf government wakes up on 9th August shaken by the cries of 'Anti corruption and anti-corporate loot' slogans!! Hope to see you all at Jantar Mantar on 9th August.

Inquilab Zindabad!


"Why are ..corporations, whose CEOs are among the billionaires of the world, getting subsidies when the Government claims it lacks money to ensure free education, health care and food..? Why are these same.. people enjoying the licence to bleed the country?"
Not just about the mind boggling statistical data, but also of how it is organically linked to global capitalism and how best people could unite in resisting corruption


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