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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Apoorvanand's Article Published in Jansatta About Imageries of War Dominating the Minds of Intellectuals : Debated in Kafila.org



    B-246/4, Keshav Nagar, (Mukti Ashram) Burari Road, Delhi-110036
    Phone: 9910405512, Fax 01127732787

    Ref.No… Dated 24.6.2010

    Hon’ble Lt. Governor
    Raj Niwas,

    Subject: Inordinate delay in Laying Water Pipe Line and other development work in
    Keshav Nagar (952) Burari Road, Delhi-110036.

    Respected Sir,

    This association takes the opportunity to bring to your kind notice the following
    facts for your kind consideration and necessary action:

    1. That in addition to this Association another Association under the name
    “Keshav Nagar Development Association bearing Regd. No. S-51375” was
    functioning in Keshav Nagar, (952). Burari Road, Delhi-110036.

    2. Take as per instruction from Delhi Govt. Urban Development Department
    RWA were to submit the Map of the Colony with the Delhi Govt. to get the
    Provisional Certificate issue to them in order to have the Funds released for
    Various Developments works. Accordingly this Association examined the
    boundaries of the Colony and submitted the desired Map duly approved by
    3. Unfortunately to parallel association acting under name Keshav Nagar
    Development Association also submitted the same Map of the Colony after
    two Months under the Seal and signature of same Architect and by us. Both the
    Maps were same. Since the same map was submitted by Associations. The
    concerned authorities put our colony Keshav Nagar (952) under dispute and
    the funds with held till the dispute is settled as each Association claimed to be
    the genuine representative of residents of Keshav Nagar, Burari Road, Delhi.

    4. That after much efforts and under the hard pressure of residents, the Keshav-
    Nagar Development Association surrendered itself on 10.8.2009 and the relevant
    Documents to this effect has already been deposited the concerned authorities
    since long and now there is one and only one association is functioning under the
    No. S-60339.

    5. That since the only dispute as mentioned above has long since been settled
    we Request your good honor to delete our colony from the list of disputed
    ones and Provisional Certificate be issue tin our favor as the residents have
    already suffer much and exhausted their patience in the absence of basic of
    facilities which are to be provided in unauthorized colonies as per in Delhi
    Govt. Policy and harms.

    6. That we request your good self to examine our case in the light of above
    facts and PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE be issue to us. So that long
    awaited development works viz:

    i. Laying of water pipe lines
    ii. Leveling of Streets.
    iii. Construction of Street lights and construction of main Road leading in the
    Colony (Mukti Ashram Road)
    iv Construction of Road from Nathu Pura more to Main Road Keshav Nagar may
    be undertaken.
    With kind respects & regards,

    Thanking you,

    Yours sincerely
    For KeshavNagar Jan Kalyan Samiti Regd.

    General Secretary
    Copy to:
    1. The Chief Minister, Delhi,
    2. Development Commissioner, Delhi.
    3. Secy. Urban Development Dept. Delhi.
    4. The Urban Development Minister, Delhi

  2. Regd. No. S-60339/07
    B-246/4, Keshav Nagar, (Mukti Ashram) Burari Road, Delhi-110036
    Phone: 9910405512, Fax : 01127732787

    Ref.No………. Dated 14.082010
    The Public Information Officer
    Delhi Police, Police Head Quarter
    New Delhi-110002

    Subject:- Seeking information under RTI Act, 2005.
    Dear Sir,
    Respected Sir,

    This Association well understands that Delhi Government is making Delhi ties aware not to invest their hard earned money in Purchasing Residential Plots in Agriculture Land, DDA Land, M.C.D. and Gram Sabha Except 1639 unauthorized Colonies which are already under the active process of being regularized. Many of them have been issued the Provisional Certificates by the Delhi Govt.

    This Association prays to your good-self kind seek the information under RTI Act 2005 for following points:-.

    1. This Association is shocked to learn that people who have purchased plots long ago in Keshav Nagar (Mukti Ashram) Burari Road, Delhi-110036 listed at Serial No. 952 out at 1639 Colonies are being harassed by the Police Staff (P.S. Swaroop Nagar) and not allowed to carry out the construction on their Plots till give to him lump some money (100/- per sq.yds) for construct his plot and say the special order of Police Commissioner, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and High Court And also say this money to be debuted to higher authority of Police Department.

    2. Mostly these people are retired persons or poor people who are building their houses very much located within the Plan/Map of the Colony submitted by Residential Welfare Associations who were authorized by the Delhi Government. Even notices by the S.D.M Alipur, North West District. Delhi-110036 are being issue to these people.

    3. This Association feels its deep concern for these harassed persons and at a loss to understand that under what provisions of rule these houses are not being allowed to be built.

    4. I am constrain to write what when the palm if staff of Police. Who are especially vigilant about the construction of houses under boundary line is oiled the illegal construction become legal, after give the money.

    5. Keshav Nagar houses at about 1000 (One Thousand Houses) and the construction on remaining
    Plots which are very much located within the Plan/Map accepted by Delhi Govt. and submitted by
    R.W.A of Keshav Nagar, Delhi-110036 should not be treated as illegal construction.


    6. This Association prays your good-self to intervene and stop this harassment to poor people and the clarification or any order of Police Commissioner, Hon’ble Supreme Court and Delhi High Court concerning stoppage of construction of houses in Keshav Nagar in Agriculture Land, DDA Land, M.C.D. and Gram Sabha Except may kindly be supplied to this Association under RTI Act 2005.

    And also requested to your good self we are loss of understanding for none granting police security/behaviors at your end the reasons best known by your office for which may please be got known to us under RTI Act 2005.

    Thanking you,
    Yours sincerely
    For Keshav Nagar Jan Kalyan Samiti Regd.

    P. O. No. 88 E 315767 of Rs. 10/-


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