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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Why People Disbelieve The Stories Of The US Establishment On Combating Terrorism?(Discussion In Greenyouth Forum)

Many people disbelieve the stories told by the US Establishment not because of scientific explanations/ lack of explanations alone.
On the contrary, they disbelieve these stories just for the reasons you mentioned; reasons originating from politics and ideology. These are powerful enough to point finger on the global hegemonic designs of the US, the zionist Israel and their allies and their apologists elsewhere.
Because these forces combined is the fundamental cause of terrorism.
These are causing genocides everywhere and destabilizations of sovereignty.
Therefore, I mean not that terrorism itself is a whimsical thing.
My point, however, is terrorism as defined by the US &Co,
as something originating solely from a concept of Islamic jehad ,
as something to be fought by a global alliance patronized by the US and zionists,
as something that justifies the killings of innocent people for capturing power,
as something that repeatedly casts aspersions on motives of States' agency in one or other jehadi organization( real or imaginary ) being named as responsible,
as something which renders practically no accountability for arbitrary actions including outright genocides against muslim populations/ countries , overthrowing democratically elected governments, etc.
and something which calls neither for enquiry nor fair trial to establish agency for any terrorist crime, before punishing the enemies (countries, individual heads of States , and individuals randomly picked up by the police) who in advance may have been arbitrarily fixed as terrorist(s) with the accompaniment of media hype and elaborate propaganda,
and finally,
as something which becomes a convenient ploy in the hands of real terrorists and a few corporate giants with nuclear ,chemical and conventional weapons of mass destruction in hand , for dislodging even the democratically elected sovereign powers in the process of plundering water, oil and other natural resources ,
is just unacceptable

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