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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Extra-Constitutional Nationalism And The Discourses Of Hate/Loyalty

When Godse killed Gandhi and the 'parivar' people distributed sweets in celebration of the act of finishing the 'traitor' in 1948, no sensible person could have imagined that this breed of fire brand 'patriots' after four decades would ride over a massive hate campaign against 'pseudo-secularism' and 'appeasement of minorities' , shouting slogans like "Babar ke awlado, bhago Pakistan ya Khabaristan", 'Hindustan me rahna hoga tho ram nan kahna hoga"etc, lynching Muslims (for simply finding them spoiled with too much of "appeasement" and lacking in patriotism) in the 1990s, and finally would become rulers of this vast country, through a democratically conducted general election in 2000s. . Agreed that praising of Gandhi by a CM doesn't warrant a fatwa even from the most devout Muslim religious head, albeit in the sensitive context of a majority of population having enstranged from other parts of India thanks to a hindu-ised, majoritarian , manipulated and extra-legal concept of Nationhood/Patriotism , where leaders of many a campaign against atrocities on the civilian population perpetrated by the uniformed forces goes mostly unchallenged by the rest of India. But how many Dharmsansads, Hindutwa forums, Thakres, Advanis, Narendra Modis, Rithambaras,etc..etc, have abused the same Gandhi in their rhetorical pronouncements of nationhood and patriotism, defiled and challenged the Indian Constitution and the Rule of Law by their words and deeds with impunity is to be read with this. Dear ......, this kind of 'inquisition approach', the communal selectivity in searching, in finding or not finding enough proof of patriotism in them compared to us, contributes more to war and conflict , than peace and understanding between humans everywhere.

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